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Scrambled Eggs 10 Ways

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Find your self with a lot of time? Where you one of the ones who I saw at Costco rushing out of the store with enough eggs to feed a small army? ……Gotcha, made you think. Whether you have a lot or a little, odds are you might be getting tired of eating plain eggs, that is why Google brought you here. I am going to share with you 10 ingredient combinations that you can try when making scrambled eggs. Hopefully you have these ingredients at home, if not, you can always add it to your grocery list.

Disclaimer: I picked scrambled eggs because they are very versatile, but you can add these ingredients to a fried, boiled, or poach egg. In fact, I challenge you to do so. This is an ingredient combination list; it is up to you what you put in your eggs and how much of it. In other words, I don’t have an exact recipe for you to follow. Work with what you got, swap out and omit anything. No, I didn’t steal your recipe. These are combinations I have been using for years. Butter is my go-to for my oil needs, feel free to change it.

I assume you have your whipped eggs standing by so I will not write egg in every list. How do I prep my eggs? With or without the chalaza (the white stuff). Some people think it make eggs taste raw or it freaks them out. Whisked with a milk-based butter and or light cream or milk. Just a splash. One of any of the three milk products makes your eggs fluffy. I am allergic to milk; I find that I can tolerate butter and cream. If you plan to omit them, do not substitute unless you have lard on hand. I can’t recommend it. Never used it.

1. Smoke Salmon (I took this from my uncle’s mother.)

· Cold smoke salmon -Norwegian wild caught recommended but not necessary. Watch the amount of salt you add because this is salty to begin with. This should be the last thing you add as it doesn’t need to be cooked. Some people like it to look well-done which is fine. Adding it last lessens the chance of you overcooking it.

· Garlic – I put this one in first with butter, so it flavors the dish.

· Onion

· Bell peppers – If your fancy mix the colors.

· Tomatoes

· Pepper – My go to is my pepper grinder filled with tricolor peppercorn and or crush pepper flakes.

2. Fiesta (I’m making up names as I go.)

· Potatoes – In your favorite oil/butter cooked until crispy or golden.

· Italian Hot Pepper- the green long bending pepper or any of your choice. Jalapeno is a good swap.

· Scallion

· Cheddar cheese

· Bacon or Turkey Bacon – Cook your bacon separately before adding it in.

· Sour Cream- to top it off

· Salt and Pepper

3. Caribbean Fruit

· Whatever you like in your scrambled eggs. Don’t overload on savory it might overpower the star guest.

· Fried plantains- You want to use the plantains that are not too sweet. Your going for a good bite texture and a low intensity of sweetness.

4. Basic Bacon

· Bacon – Thick cut hickory smoked is my go-to. Cooked in the oven or microwave is preferred. Why? The microwave method is done with lining your plate with napkins wet or dry and one layer of bacon cover with more napkins. Using this method gives you more meat flavor that is not too crispy if you monitor it closely. It comes out less oily. Like eating a nice cut of meat instead of crunching into greasy fat. Cooking it in the oven allows you to have a nice even cooked bacon with a nice caramelized fat.

· Cheadder Cheese

5. America’s Heartbeat (Get it?)

· Bacon – Cooked or Raw. If it is raw cut it up and cook it first. Use some of the bacon grease as your oil.

· Cheddar Cheese

· Any Other Cheese – Sometimes I add in a chipotle cheese from Boar’s Head. Sometimes.

· Sautéed Mushrooms

6. Childhood Favorite – This was when I was 12. Simple but satisfying. The scallions add a unique taste.

· Paprika – As an adult I swapped this out with pepper flakes and omit the black pepper.

· Salt

· Pepper

· Scallions- the green part. As an adult I have replaced this with spinach and add mushrooms.

7. Lobster (or Snow Crab) Fest

· Lobster (or Snow Crab) meat – Cooked or Raw. Raw ingredients are cooked first.

· Butter

· Pepper Flakes

· Garlic – Optional

· Salt

8. Veggie All Day

· Butter

· Asparagus

· Broccoli

· Mushrooms

· Spinach

· Your favorite cheese – Optional. I prefer with out.

· Pepper Flakes

· Garlic – Optional

· Salt

9. Grandma’s Favorite -Never tried this, since the lock-down she has not stop talking about it.

· Grated Carrots

· Scallion

· Salt and Pepper

10. Shrimp Scrambled

· Raw Shrimp – Argentinian shrimps my go to. I used to get free seafood but now that I must buy it, Argentinian shrimp reminds me to the great shrimp flavors of Jamaica.

· Preferred Season- Adobo is a great season to always have on hand. Salt and Pepper is always fine if you want the ingredients to shine.

· Pepper – Pepper Flakes or Jamaican Hot Pepper if you want a “Hot Pepper Shrimp” flavor.

· Butter

· Scallion- If you want “Jamaican Hot Pepper Shrimp” tasting eggs.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks for stopping by!

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