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  • What are we doing to keep our in-house product safe?
    We always practice good hygiene. Constantly washing our hands and eliminating cross contamination. When making our body butter we use sterile tools and a disinfected workspace. We always use powder free gloves and protective gear to limit transmitting germs and other particles. All ingredients are stored in closed containers.
  • Is it really organic?
    All ingredients are organic unless stated otherwise. We are working on certifying our organic product.
  • What to do if I have an allergic reaction?
    Discontinue use. See your preferred doctor. Feel free to update us with any issues with our products. Please be aware that we take extreme care in how we craft our products, however, our facility is not nut free. One of our main ingredients is a tree nut so if you are allergic to nuts you may want to consider which products your purchase.
  • Buck Ridge, Dr. Jon, and Zambeezi"
    Buck Ridge, Dr. Jon, and Zambeezi are not Melō brands. Items will be shipped directly from the manufacture of these products. If you are not satisfied with any of the products please let me know. We don't want to offer anything that is not living up to the standards we set.
  • Can I use it on my face?
    Yes, you can use our body butter from head to toe, literally.
  • Its organic, can I eat it?"
    Please do not consume. It is not food grade.
  • What if my pet eats it?
    If your pet eats it, you can take them to the vet if they show any concerning signs.
  • When should I use the body butter?
    For best results use right after taking a bath or shower. You can use it anytime and all day. I use it throughout the day to keep my hands from drying out.
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