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You are beautiful. Just in case you didn't know. Let us help you showcase it with our organic body butter.
CocoaRyuu Richy
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 All Natural &

Organic Skincare

   Melō is a developing brand that focuses on organic and natural beauty solutions. I want to bring you genuine products that simply work. Melō was started 2017 in attempt to pay off my school loans. This attempt sparked into a passionate project. The project is evolving into a brand that prides itself on creating products that are authentic and ethically made. I try to create things that I want to use and what my families will love. The first product under this brand, is the organic body butter. More scent options and products are in the works. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay updated. I am truly excited to see where this journey takes us (Melō and I) and hope you will join me on this adventure.  

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